London-Madrid based self taught musician designer and engineer, with +25 years of experience, playing, touring, recording, producing and directing, covering all musical genres as biggest artists sideman. Consultant and product specialist for main international brands and a well-known tone chaser and avant-garde designer.

About Me

«… I am a fully capable, versatile professional on my sonic quest for the ultimate tone chasing. I work flexibly with clients to fulfil their needs, which can range from recording, touring, musical direction to consulting, or creating a product line from scratch or demonstrate it worldwide».



Danny has worked with the top names in rock scene such as We Will Rock You, Queen, Brian May, Freddie Mercury´s Phoenix Trust, Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore’s RAINBOW) and pop icons as Nacho Cano, La Quinta Estación and Aleks Syntek, among others.


With a strong relationships with artists, gear manufacturers, and media, Danny has worked as consultant and product specialist with some of the most relevant companies like Orange Amplifiers, OMEC, Fender and PRS to name a few.


Product developer and new technologies for musical applications designer, like the OMEC Teleport and TAE preamp line (Classic TAE, 10th Anniversary, 1964 limited edition and DIRTY BOY Blues Saraceno signature)

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