My work as a session musician has taken me anywhere in the world and everywhere in this industry – hitting the stage, the studio, trade shows and everything in between – allowing me to meet and work with some of the industry’s top artists and brands.

S.M.A.R.T. consulting

With a strong business background and relationships with artists, gear manufacturers, and media, I can boost your project so your message it’s loud and clear, like my current work with Orange Amplifiers & OMEC or my years at Fender.

Sales, Marketing, Artist Relations and Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) consulting, whether you’re an emerging company or an established brand looking to increase market exposure, I can help you.

Not many companies have in house a native Spanish speaking team and that makes a huge difference. With 600 million Spanish speaking people in the world, we can be that bridge to Spain and Latin America.


Still unsure about how we can work together

to turn your business into your DREAM business?

«Danny’s musical talent is only outweighed by his understanding of the instrument industry. R&D, artist relations, marketing consulting… Danny shines in each category.

From my time working with him, Danny showed he could react to the changes in the market with expert efficiency, but he also proved his abilities when it came to proactively seeking out business development opportunities.

Most significantly, if you are seeking out a partner to help you navigate the Spanish-speaking landscape, there is no one better.

Give him a task and watch it get done. I fully endorse Danny Gomez in all of his ventures».

Alex Auxier

Company Name LLC, Victory Amps, Origin Effects

«It’s great to work in an ongoing capacity with our Spanish ambassador».

Barry Moorhouse

Brian May Guitars

«I have had the pleasure of working closely with Danny Gomez for the last several years as both of us have worked closely with the legendary Orange Amplification Company… Danny has been an absolute pleasure to work with !!
I first became aware of Danny through his Teleport which he developed for Orange’s OMEC division but in the intervening years have spent a good deal of time back and forth with him on artist relations and marketing related projects.
Danny is seriously brilliant at everything he puts his mind, or hand to. He is an excellent artist relations man (which is a very specialized skill set, based on infinite trust and knowledge).
In all of my many years doing this job (including 20 plus years at Gibson), very few individuals really stand out to me, and Danny is right up there among the very best !!
I have found Danny to be surprisingly knowledgeable in every aspect of the musical instrument business. I can’t overstate how much I trust Danny as a partner in everything we have done together and would recommend him very highly for any company or artist looking for representation or as a liaison between a music-related company and an artist.
Danny Gomez is among the very top tier creative forces that I have encountered in my many years working in different aspects of the music industry… and that says a lot !!».
Pat Foley

Artist Relations

«Danny Gomez is a great brand ambassador. He is a tremendously talented musician, of course, but what really makes Danny special is his ability to radiate positivity and joy wherever he goes».

Jim Colella

President/Owner, Pedaltrain

«I have had the pleasure of working with Danny for many years, initially on the OMEC Teleport and then with many marketing, A&R and demonstration activities with Orange Amplification.

Danny is a true innovator who thinks outside of the box and the drive and passion that he brings enhances every project he’s involved in.

Knowledgeable and a great communicator, Danny’s skillset has enabled us to provide next level support to our customer base, particularly in Spanish-speaking territories.

Quite simply, Danny Gomez is an MI professional of the highest calibre«

James Deacon

Sales Director, Orange Amplifiers

«It is not often you get a chance to work with someone with the skill set Danny possesses. An extremely accomplished musician, a top notch product specialist and a true visionary.

The mix of utmost professionalism and at the same time being one of the nicest guys around makes for a perfect combo. Working with Danny is an absolute joy!».

Björn Ehlers

CMO, ELK Audio