TAE 10th Anniversary






Revolutionizing guitar playing, live and in the studio. Massive Unity’s T.A.E. (Tube Amp Emulation) technology is a forward-thinking, high-performance development designed to massively improve the overall sound.

Realistic amp sound in a super-compact design. The 10th Anniversary Danny Gomez signature T.A.E. preamp gives you a wealth of amplification possibilities to enhance your sound. Your playing will benefit from the T.A.E.’s glorious tone, affording you a truly exhilarating live sound.

Experience authentic analog amp sound when using the T.A.E. as an amp simulator, use it as a mind-blowing full preamp to your power amp or effects loop return or add impressively, tube amp overdrive to your amplifier’s input.

By guitarists, for guitarists,

10th Anniversary T.A.E. is designed by Danny Gomez, a highly-experienced session musician and designer side by side with tone chaser, engineer and designer, Pablo Díaz de Rada. Gomez has, with his pedals designed for Massive Unity set out on a “sonic quest” to achieve a perfect tone.

In the 10th Anniversary T.A.E., Gomez and Díaz de Rada have used their immense industry knowledge to produce an amp simulator and preamp that can give a booming boost to any guitar, while maintaining all of the authentic, analog sound quality of an amp.

Whether used as a volume-boosting addition to your live setup, a way of altering your amp’s preamp overall sound, or simply as a completely professional alternative to your amplifier, the 10th Anniversary Danny Gomez signature T.A.E. is the ultimate guitarist’s companion.

Slots perfectly into any live setup:

Lightweight, compact, and ideal for touring, Massive Unity has produced a preamp with immense power and ability, in a micro design that can easily fit into guitar case compartments and top-mounted jacks mean the pedal can fit flush against others on your pedalboard,.

With the 10th Anniversary Danny Gomez signature T.A.E., Massive Unity has created a preamp capable of massively enhancing the live sound of guitarists and bassists alike. A perfect example of what a preamp should be, that will bring all Classic TAE tone adding “all we’ve to learn all these years” as Gomez said, “our mission is to help musicians’ creativity expand alongside technology”.


Powered by T.A.E. Technology
Preamp Output
Speaker Emulated Output (Open-back w/2 x 12 “Alnico Blue”)
Industrial grade components
Made in Japan Lumberg jacks
Low tolerance resistors


Colour: Matt Black
Graphics: Art Deco Yag laser engraved
Input Impedance: 1 MOhms
Output Impedance: 6.5 KOhms
Power Supply: 9V External AC-DC Adaptor
Dimensions: 120 x 94 x 42mm
Weight: 0.4 Kg
Made in EU
* We reserve the right to modify the design, equipment, appearance, and technology without prior notice due to the continuous further development of the products.